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Jill Trueblood, BA, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), LAMT (Large Animal Massage Therapist), MMCP (Masterson Method ® Certified Practitioner, Mentor & Coach)

WA Lic #MA00021830


I have attended continuing education in the following courses/modalities:

Tami Elkayam, Tensegrity Balancing Therapy - Class 1, June 2022

Lorre Alwardt Mueller, Advanced Applied Anatomy, February 2022

Wendy Murdoch, Enhance the Effectiveness of your Work with Sure Foot, December 2022, 1.5 hours (NBCAAM)

Equine Advanced First Aid, Equi-First Aid USA, October 2022, 16 hours

Meghan Brady, Attracting New Clientele, September 2022, 1 hour

Tucker Biokinetic Technique, Module II - February 2021

Jillian Kreinbring - Functional Anatomy Course, January 2021

Tucker Biokinetics: Save Your Suspensory course, December 2020

Gillian Higgins “Understanding the Horse’s Back,” October 2020

Trust Technique: Messages of Trust, February 2020

Samantha Harvey, Alternative Horsemanship, One-on-one, September 2019

WilsieWayHorsemanship, Horsespeak Bodyworkers Webinar, September 2019

WilsieWayHorsemanship, Sharon Wilsie Horsespeak Clinic Snohomish, WA, July 2019

Tucker Biokinetics Module One, August 2019

ESE1: Craniosacral Therapy: EcoSomatics Equine 1, June 2019 - 24 Credit Hours

Tucker Biokinetics Level One MasterClass in Equine Body Check-Ups, June 2019

National Certification in Equine Massage, March 2019

WilsieWayHorsemanship, Horsespeak Webinar, February 2019

Equine Gastrointestinal Ulcer Syndrome Online Course Dr. Kerry Ridgeway, August 2018

RockTape FMT Equine Kinesiology Taping Certification (Online), November 2017 - 2 Credit Hours

Mark Rashid/Jim Masterson Clinic, July 2017

Masterson Method ® Level 1 Certification, June 2017 - 129 Credit Hours

Tellington TTouch 6 Day Training for Horses, July 2015

The Masterson Method ® Advanced 5 Day, March 2013  - 32 Credit Hours

Reiki Level 2 March 2013, 16 Credit Hours

Reiki Level 1 February 2013, 16 Credit Hours

The Masterson Method ® 2 Day, October 2012

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